WEB / APP Development

Functional application areas of RPA

The areas of application for RPA are as diverse as the processes themselves. Everywhere where repeatable,
predictable interactions with IT applications take place, RPA can be used. On the functional level, these are for example filling in forms, copying, pasting and moving data, reading and processing information from multiple systems and structured documents, performing calculations, executing ``if/then`` commands, accessing web pages, processing data from the Internet, accessing social media, opening e-mails and processing attachments.

Economic viability of RPA

RPA is based on existing systems. It uses and interprets existing IT applications and enables the use of several IT systems across the transaction and data processing and communication. But this is not the only reason why there is no way around RPA. Because RPA delivers through the lower license costs compared to the personnel costs . A robot in itself costs only one third of a full-time employee. Added to this is the pure working time, which is approximately five times that of a full-time employee. At the same time, process automation helps to improve accuracy and greater operational flexibility.

DVC Services


Monitoring of RPA implementation

Training of management and staff, technical assistance, Development/adaptation/customization of the RPA solution, integration into existing (IT)...


Conception and analysis

Analysis of the areas of need, or areas/processes, where RPA makes the most sense.