Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

The tension of ambidextry, i.e. between profiting from operational excellence and the search for new ways to create value, need not be a paradox for companies. Enterprise Architecture can enable both in the ever faster change cycles & we offer the appropriate service packages.

Increased Agility & Efficiency
Increasingly rapid change cycles require the ability to act quickly.
Reduction of TCO and Risk
Enterprise Architecture is the map that provides a common understanding and a transparent, up-to-date overview.
Fostering the Digital Transformation
Enterprise Architecture offers the starting point for strategic decisions because it provides a holistic view of the enterprise.

Our Service Packages

We develop architectures & approaches that are “just good enough” to reduce documentation and adaptation effort.

We foster values, practices, and collaborations that support the active, evolutionary design over time and the ability to adapt quickly to constantly changing requirements.

Architecture Maturity and Analysis Assessment
Based on proven dimensions, we evaluate the maturity level of your architecture as the basis for a well-founded analysis and assessment.
As-Is-Architecture Analysis and Assessment
We assess the as-is architecture of your company based on your preferred standards.
Architecture Vision/ Target Architecture
Together we develop an initial architectural vision and suitable transition-target architectures.
Minimum Viable Architecture
Based on your previous EAM investments, we develop a minimum viable architecture to increase your flexibility and agility.
Enterprise Architecture Governance
We build up a governance, which supports the evolutionary design with targeted controlling elements and sees itself as project enabler.