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Our principles

DVC stands for strategic and pragmatic solutions for our clients. Digital Venture Consultants provides professional management & IT consulting for financial institutions, corporations and industrial companies. We support you in successfully implementing strategic projects.


For us, the consulting industry means having fun working with people and solving complex challenges. At the same time, we ourselves have noticed shortcomings in the industry: Working cultures, employee management, and the way projects are carried out should be improved in our opinion. Small consultancies often lack professionalism and strategic foresight, while large consultancies often lack the will to find pragmatic solutions.


We are an association of experienced strategy, IT consulting and start-up companies. We want to make consulting more human. We want to develop strategic and pragmatic solutions.

We believe that humanity, specifically honesty and open communication about team members' needs, fears and goals, contributes to a productive and fulfilling work environment. We combine highest professionalism, strong communication skills, time management, realistic planning and fair pricing, with ease and positivity.

We know the challenges of our clients ,because we have experienced them in our own ventures, as consultants or employees in the industry. We meet them with strategic pragmatism. This means for us no pompous consulting concepts that are not applied in practice, no outsourcing to offshore companies without security in terms of quality and time management processes. And no short-term solutions that are too short and only improve the moment. On the negative side, we have made experiences with strategy consulting and development agencies, which we will avoid in the future for us and our clients.

We have taken this as an incentive to offer better, leaner, cheaper and more sustainable services.

Vision and Mission

DVC's vision is to become a globally active, highly efficient consulting firm that advises global corporations and hidden champions from Germany with more than 500 intrinsically motivated digital venture consultants.

Our mission is therefore to establish humanity and empathy as well as strategic pragmatism as a standard in the consulting industry.

This in turn is the basis for our slogan ``We enable people and organisations``.

Our Staff

We work to make your business start effectively working for you.
Meet the financial and marketing specialists.
Nicola Keilhauer
Nicola Keilhauer
Sales And Business Development
Alison Vanzetta
Alison Vanzetta
Junior Consultant and Project Manager
Devin Toman
Devin Toman
Business Development

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We Love Or Clients

Which role does DVC take in the ecosystem?

DVC acts as an interface between vision and development.
We support you strategically, take full responsibility and find individual solutions.

Data Science

Analysis of existing organizational problems and improvement

Project Management

Numerical assistance in sales and trading for various companies

Software Development

Numerical assistance in sales and trading for various companies

Enterprise Architecture

Rules of construction that are adhered to regardless of market

IT Due Diligence

Components to run the business operations towards customers

Process Automation

The ultimate goal of economics is to improve living conditions


DVC forms an ecosystem of cooperation partners. This enables us to offer our customers a wide range of services and provide any services within our ecosystem. Our partner companies are carefully selected and offer the highest quality standards and maximum conformity with our values and principles.
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